A ex-aluna do General Hospital, Briana Nicole Henry, anuncia que está grávida! (2024)

A ex-aluna do General Hospital, Briana Nicole Henry (ex-Jordan Ashford) e seu marido, Kris Bowers, estão esperando seu primeiro filho juntos - uma menina! A atriz acessou o Instagram para compartilhar a notícia – e confessar que sua gravidez a desafiou com novos sentimentos e novas emoções.

“Tenho estado tão hesitante em compartilhar isso por uma infinidade de razões. Acho que principalmente porque ainda estou processando toda essa mudança, essa nova evolução de mim mesmo”, postou Henry. “A gravidez é diferente para cada pessoa, mas para mim, revelou um nível de vulnerabilidade que me deixou de joelhos na maioria dos dias. Ela iluminou a magia que qualquer um de nós conseguiu aqui em primeiro lugar, e que essa chegada foi devido ao sacrifício e a um amor profundo."

Henry também compartilhou que se sente “poderosa e fraca” e como se estivesse “conhecendo uma versão completamente diferente” de quem ela é.

“Quando estiver pronto, compartilharei mais sobre minha jornada com todos vocês”, continuou Henry. “Principalmente porque ouvir e ler histórias de outras mães sobre a crueza que é a maternidade ajudou-me a lembrar do meu poder e de que não estou sozinha. Que a gravidez nos pede para nos tornarmos lares para pessoas que nunca poderíamos ter sonhado, mesmo em o mais lindo dos sonhos. Que isso exigiria que entregássemos uma versão de nós mesmos a pessoas que ainda não conhecemos, mas que desejamos conhecer. @krisbowersmusic Eu te amo. A ideia de você segurando nosso filho em suas grandes e lindas mãos me faz quero chorar de tanta gratidão. Ela será tão adorada, tão amada, tão fortalecida.

Você pode ler a mensagem completa de Henry abaixo.

Henry assumiu o papel de Jordan Ashford em 2018.Em setembro, ela chocou os fãs ao anunciar sua saída do show no mesmo dia em que sua personagem foi retirada da tela.

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A ex-aluna do General Hospital, Briana Nicole Henry, anuncia que está grávida! (2024)


Who is replacing Briana Henry on General Hospital? ›

Deadline broke the exclusive news that Tanisha Harper will replace Briana Nicole Henry in her role as Jordan Ashford, the Port Charles police commissioner on ABC's General Hospital. She will be the third actress to play Jordan since the character was introduced in 2014.

Did Briana Nicole Henry leave General Hospital? ›

General Hospital viewers will no longer get to see Briana Nicole Henry grace their screens as Jordan Ashford as the actress has left the show. After three years on the ABC soap, the actress revealed her decision to step away from the popular daytime soap.

Is Jordan leaving General Hospital? ›

On September 14, 2021; Henry announced that she had decided to exit the show, saying that it was "time to move on." She made her final appearance on September 13, 2021 before being replaced by Charles Shaughnessy as Victor Cassadine alive and well seven years later before the character's death and will reading in May ...

What is Briana Nicole Henry doing now? ›

When General Hospital's Briana Nicole Henry left Jordan Ashford behind in 2021, she took on a new role as mom to a beautiful little girl named Coda. Now, she can add another role to her credits -- wife of an Oscar winner.

Why was Kelly Monaco replaced on GH? ›

More from TVLine

A GH rep declined to comment on the reason for Monaco's absence, but sources confirm to TVLine that the actress was simply under the weather. Monaco, meanwhile, only missed the one episode, per a GH insider; she will be back on screen Friday, Jan. 5.

Why did Amanda Setton get replaced? ›

The role was temporarily recast with Briana Lane while Setton went on maternity leave, but now Setton has returned to her old stomping grounds. Setton told Soap Opera Digest all about returning to set, stating: I missed everyone so much and missed getting to play Brook Lynn each day.

Why did Monica leave General Hospital? ›

In court, Dorman's lawyers brought up Monica's past indiscretions, including her affair with Ned and ended up winning the case. Monica was fired from General Hospital as a result. Monica also had to deal with both A.J.'s alcoholism and Emily's drug addiction.

Who is the baby on General Hospital in real life? ›

And for those of you curious about the kid, we're here to fill you in! Baby Ace is being played by Jay and Joey Clay, and while this is their first big role on TV, but we'd be surprised if this wasn't the start of a whole new career for them!

When did Vanessa Marcil leave General Hospital? ›

She stayed with General Hospital (1963) until 1998 and then left to join the cast of Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990) as Gina Kincaid, a former ice skater replacing Tiffani Thiessen as the show's vixen. She met Brian Austin Green on the show and the two had a son named Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green on March 15, 2002.

Is Spencer Cassadine leaving General Hospital? ›

In late April, TVLine reported that the actor, who took on the role of Spencer Cassadine in 2021, would be departing the series. His character's last on-screen appearance in January saw him presumably die after falling into the Seine River.

Is Roger Howarth still on General Hospital? ›

So long, Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt. Roger Howarth has officially said goodbye to General Hospital, his on-and-off home since 2012. His character was fatally shot in the Nov.

Is Austin leaving General Hospital? ›

Roger Howarth is saying goodbye to his character Austin Gatlin-Holt and to the long-running daytime soap after Austin was fatally shot on a Nov. 17 episode. "Three things that I know for sure," Howarth wrote in an Instagram post. "1.

What nationality is Briana Nicole Henry? ›

Briana Nicole Henry (born January 19, 1992) is an American actress and is recognized for her portrayal of Jordan Ashford on ABC's General Hospital and Esmeralda on The Young and the Restless.

Why was Marcus Paloma fired from General Hospital? ›

Rumors swirled about why he didn't finish out the run, but while initial reports claimed that Coloma didn't want to film his final scenes after learning he'd been let go, it was actually, he revealed, because of health problems.

Is Lulu character leaving General Hospital? ›

When she chose to exit GH in 2013, the role was recast with Emme Rylan, who continued to play the character right up until her exit in December 2020… though there's still the possibility of another return! Lesley Lu Spencer was named for her maternal grandmother, Lesley, and was nicknamed Lulu.

Is Brad Maule returning to General Hospital? ›

Thirteen years after Tony Jones took his last breath, General Hospital alum Brad Maule is returning to the ABC soap for a guest stint, TVLine has confirmed.

Who is going to recast Jordan Ashford on General Hospital? ›

Tiffany Daniels temporarily portrayed Jordan in 2021. Tanisha Harper assumed the role on March 2, 2022.


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